A-Z of Entertainment Marketing

A new kind of guide through the marketing of the entertainment industry. With all the experience of reading a magazine and the informative nature of a dictionary, we bring you the hows and whys of the entertainment marketing from A to Z.

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What are you going to learn?

From analytics to zombies, from the survival of the cinema to social media's impact on the entertainment industry - we've covered it all.

A-Z of the entertainment marketing:

  1. Analyze, analyze, analyze
  2. Blockbuster phenomenon
  3. Cinemas, are they dying?
  4. Did you know?
  5. Entertainment marketing in 2019
  6. Famous celebrity endorsements
  7. Go big or go home
  8. Hollywood VS Bollywood
  9. I want to thank the Academy... and my campaign strategist
  10. Joys of digitalization
  11. Keeping up with the streaming services

     & much more!

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