Case Studies

600 clients in more than 100 countries all over the world trust Mediatoolkit every day to help them make better business decisions.

404 agency automates workflow with Mediatoolkit

"Without Mediatoolkit we would have a much harder and much longer process of monitoring what is published in the media and what is published on social networks.”

Best impact: customer support, mention feed, real-time alerts, mobile app

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CircuitMess turns their crowdfunding campaign into a success

"In qualitative terms, Mediatoolkit has increased my efficiency with contacting influencers, and therefore the entire company’s efficiency with the campaign.”

Best impact: UX/UI, mention feed, advanced analytics, influence score

Bingo now easily proves the success of their marketing efforts

"My favorite thing is at the end of the year when I summarize what Marketing has done in the past year. The number of mentions in the millions that I could not prove otherwise."

Best impact: competitor tracking & analysis, sentiment analysis, real-time coverage, customer support

The City of Dubrovnik stays in tune with public perception

"Due to the international position of Dubrovnik as a cultural and tourist centre, I find the service of monitoring foreign media and social networks extremely important.”

Best impact: public opinion tracking, real-time coverage, reporting & analysis

Leapbit uses Mediatoolkit Reports to present monthly results

"I don’t know how anyone goes about creating big campaigns without a media monitoring tool - you have no idea what is happening on the Internet. It’s not only something I recommend; it’s a must-have.”

Best impact: reporting & analysis, competitor analysis

Misc Games finds and shuts down piracy attempts

"We looked at some other tools, but they were very complex, so it was overkill for our needs. We were happy when we found Mediatoolkit.”

Best impact: reporting & analysis, Slack integration, coverage, competitor analysis

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Zadar Tourist Board automates tracking their online mentions

"We use the tool on a daily basis to check what’s new. It is extremely useful and easy to use. It has improved our effectiveness and enabled us to seize promotion opportunities the moment they occur.”

Best impact: automation, real-time coverage, alerts, influence score, reach, filtering options

Include improves their business development efforts

"Mediatoolkit helped us discover articles in foreign languages mentioning our company and products, which would be challenging to find through Google."

Best impact: lead generation, competitor analysis, market research

Croatian mountain rescue service (HGSS) uses Mediatoolkit to aid their rescue missions

“Firstly, the cost/benefit ratio is fantastic! Secondly, your customer and tech support are superb. Absolutely one of the most pleasant customer support ever. There wasn’t a problem we weren’t able to solve.”

Best impact: reporting & analysis, exporting reports, real-time coverage, spike alerts, customer support

TBWA analyses their marketing campaign success

“We use media monitoring for planning. But we can also see our campaign's impact. For example, when we launch a new model and see how people react and gather all information that we need."

Best impact: reporting & analysis, coverage, competitor analysis, consumer insights

FORUM-ASIA tracks their performance across different media

“What Mediatoolkit is really helpful in doing is tracking our owned and shared media. We are piloting paid media now and looking forward to seeing the result. When it comes to analytics, it’s really helpful to be able to have the reports."

Best impact: automation, reporting & analysis, real-time coverage, spike alerts, crisis development monitoring, real-time customer support

World Media Wire solves their problem with covering international clients

“The customer support is fantastic, very responsive. All doubts and questions were rapidly solved. I think you guys are great. I do not doubt that when people start using your service, they’ll be impressed.”

Best impact: real-time customer support, price, coverage (with emphasis on languages)

Globetrack creates daily reports for their clients

“One of the major goals is to understand clients' needs and make sure you're getting them satisfactory results in the daily reports."

Best impact: user-friendly, unlimited users, reporting & analysis, exporting options, coverage

blueReport uses Mediatoolkit to provide their clients with comprehensive data and analysis

“There was a lot of stuff that we had to do manually that is now done automatically. And that's a really big help. It's really good support for us.”

Best impact: automation, reporting & analysis. exporting options, customer support

Poligov uses Mediatoolkit during election cycles

“Mediatoolkit is amazing in tracking brand reputation, especially for those who engage in the political sector to track the brand reputation and track the number of audiences who read the news."

Best impact: export, competitive analysis, metrics

The Centre for Peace Studies uses Mediatoolkit to stay informed about important topics

“Mediatoolkit is more than a tool that we use; there are people behind it who are ready to support and help us in situations where we do not know how best to establish metrics we can measure."

Best impact: reporting & analysis, alerts & digests, customer support, automation

The Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb uses Mediatoolkit to improve its communication efforts

“We can present the public impact of the faculty, publicity, perception, what we communicate, and what is communicated about us in a super simple way by clicking on the time periods, creating the whole report, and presenting it to the accreditation houses."

Best impact: alerts, reporting & analytics, competitive analysis

Agencies Eco and Row use Mediatoolkit to monitor and analyze mentions to better advise their clients

“Due to our work with the government and important companies and organizations, we have to be prepared to monitor for daily issues and possible attacks."

Best impact:  reporting & analysis, mention metrics,  customer support, automation

Trusted by companies worldwide.

"Every time someone asks me, I always recommend you guys. I can only talk about it from the perspective of games, but it is really helpful to know what is written about you and the reach of those messages."

Gøran Myrland

CEO at Misc Games

“I don’t know how anyone goes about creating big campaigns without a media monitoring tool - you have no idea what is happening on the Internet. It’s not only something I recommend, it’s a must-have.”

Željka Babić

CMO at Leapbit

“I recognized the opportunity to reduce the amount of manual work, having to dig up who writes what about us on our or other communications channels. We tested the tool for a few months, and later we signed up for a year.”

Tatjana Paunoski

Head of PR and Marketing at Bingo

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