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Elements of AI project is a global educational course about the basics of artificial intelligence. This free course was launched in Finland with the goal of democratization and spreading knowledge about artificial intelligence. In Croatia, the interest was widespread - over 10 000 people enrolled in the course in the first week.

For this Case Study, we talked to Luka Bojić, a PR Consultant from 404 agency who was a communication partner on the Elements of AI project. Luka has been working for three years in 404 agency where he started as a student intern. His job ranges from providing clients with PR services to handling PR activities with external partners. Currently, he’s mostly working with clients from the IT sector because “IT is his passion”, he says. For purposes of this Case Study, Luka explained to us how he used Mediatoolkit for the Elements of AI project and what benefits the tool brought them.


As a communication partner for the Elements of AI project, their role was to handle press releases and monitor the media coverage, as well as create and implement a social media influencer campaign. When it comes to monitoring the media and social networks coverage, it was extremely important to them that they get notified in real-time about all the newly published articles and posts.

Solution & Impact

Luka was familiar with Mediatoolkit because he uses it daily for his other clients. That’s why, before the project was launched in Croatia, Luka contacted our Customer Success Manager to talk about how they can best utilize Mediatoolkit for this project, as well. Hence, they had support from Mediatoolkit since the beginning of the project launch.

They’ve used Mediatoolkit to monitor which media outlets published articles about the projects and which didn’t, while also monitoring mentions on social media.

" First of all, without Mediatoolkit we would have a much harder and much longer process of monitoring what is published in the media and what is published on social networks."

Mediatoolkit removed a lot of manual work that they would otherwise have to do and made
the whole experience more efficient.

When it comes to results, Luka says that Mediatookit played a significant role. With Mediatoolkit,
they could cover all the key media outlets and social networks in real-time and achieve great
visibility. To Luka, 
having real-time notifications is USP number one because the industry is
fast-paced. Also, he found the possibility of having a mobile app quite convenient and user-

“I haven’t seen such great user experience with other tools in the
sense that I can set up the app to send me push notifications every
time a new mention comes up.”

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