Bingo d.o.o.

“If you want to make your workday easier and be up to date with everything that is happening with your company, you definitely need to use the tool!”

Tatjana Paunoski, Head of PR and Marketing

tatjana paunoski

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Founded in 1993, Bingo d.o.o. is the biggest retail and restaurant chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With headquarters in Tuzla, the company currently has 222 open stores and around 9000 employees. That makes Bingo d.o.o. the biggest company and the biggest employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Tatjana says that their goal is maintaining the leadership position in retail and justifying the position of the most desirable employer in the country.


According to Tatjana, they became aware of Mediatoolkit after one of our Salespeople contacted them and explained all the benefits the tool can offer. The call came at the right time because Bingo d.o.o. was just starting to get serious about their social media planning - they’ve opened an Instagram account and started posting more on Facebook.



Along with reducing the amount of manual work, Tatjana emphasized that Mediatoolkit helped them track their competitors more easily and comprehensively. As she puts it - you can track your brand, other brands and then compare the results to see where you stand when it comes to PR activities. The most important thing, she says, is the ability to sum up the work of the whole department, as well as monitor PR activities and customers’ reactions on social media. 

“My favorite thing is at the end of the year when I summarize what Marketing has done in the past year. The number of mentions in the millions that I could not prove otherwise. And when I compare it to the competition, no one can tell me we didn’t do a good job.”

Tatjana Paunoski, Head of PR and Marketing