I would advise everyone to contact the Mediatoolkit team when deciding on the best plan for their purposes since they can be of great help and provide you with additional information and educational materials. I’d also recommend preparing well in advance so you can maximize the return on your investment with everything Mediatoolkit has to offer.”

Mihael Gelo, Business Development Representative

Mihael Gelo
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DIY electronic devices


CircuitMess is a DIY electronic devices company that started in a garage back in 2017 when Albert Gajšak, still in high school, founded the company encouraged by his love for electronics and technical sciences. By bringing new light to electronics and programming, they aim to make it accessible for everyone. Today, CircuitMess is collaborating with Warner Bros. for their latest project, a DIY AI-powered Batmobile. For this purpose, they started a Kickstarter campaign that was funded in 2 hours and raised just shy of $390K.


“Maximizing the success of the crowdfunding campaign was CircuitMess’ top priority”, Mihael says. The goal was to track and identify people mentioning their company or products in order to be able to contact them and ideally turn them into backers. They were aware it was nearly impossible to track that manually, which could have led to missed opportunities.  


Prior to working at CircuitMess, Mihael was aware of media monitoring tools, but had no experience with using one. However, at the very beginning of his tenure, one of the main tasks was to get acquainted with Mediatoolkit as the company was already using it.



What Mihael deems had the most impact on the crowdfunding campaign was the ability to easily track mentions of their company and products, especially the ones that positively reacted to their previous efforts, all in one place. Thus, they could simply reach out to authors of those posts and encourage them to either support the campaign promotion or participate in the affiliate program. 

“I think the UX/UI is good, the tool provides a clear overview of the results, and finally, it’s easy to use. I loved that we had an overview of all our mentions in one feed and the analytics, as well. At first, I thought that Mediatoolkit would be a database of some sort, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw additional analytics and options to perform more complex analyses.” 

Mihael Gelo, Business Development Representative

Mihael Gelo