City of Dubrovnik

"For me as a mayor, but also for the heads of other administrative departments, using media monitoring tools to track online publications and the reactions of the public immensely helps our everyday work."

Mato Franković, mayor of City of Dubrovnik

mato franković




The City of Dubrovnik is a unit of local self-government within its self-governing scope, and by the Law on Local and Regional Self-Government, performs activities of local importance that directly meet the needs of citizens and are not assigned to state bodies by the Constitution or law.


Since the City of Dubrovnik is a local self-government unit, its goals are specific. They are primarily aimed at creating the desired quality of life and work in their administrative area, improving public services provided by the City and realising capital investments in communal and social infrastructure.


Due to the tools and processes The City of Dubrovnik uses, Mediatoolkit is an excellent fit because it records their citizens' opinions on their public activities in real-time. That allows them to make better decisions in crisis situations and react promptly when a situation requires an urgent response.



They say that Mediatoolkit is a precious tool in their daily work. The tool is used as a source of new information, media announcements, posts on social networks, and most importantly, as an indicator of the public mood on specific topics because thanks to Mediatoolkit, they can accurately understand public opinion.

"I am especially interested in the possibility of making reports and analyses because it provides an opportunity to spot and correct some gaps in communication. Also, due to the international position of Dubrovnik as a cultural and tourist centre, I find the service of monitoring foreign media and social networks, in which Dubrovnik is increasingly represented, extremely important.”

Mato Franković, mayor of City of Dubrovnik

mato franković