Globetrack creates daily reports for their clients

A conversation with:
Linet Chepkopus,
Client Service


Media & Communications Company


Globetrack is a media and communications company from Kenya founded in 2010. They provide online and offline media monitoring services for their clients and analytical reporting, which is why they use Mediatoolkit.

For this Case Study, we talked to Linet Chepkopus, who works in client service for the last two years. She handles two departments but is more actively involved in the client service department. Her job is to get in touch with clients, solve their problems, understand their needs and find potential areas of improvement.


They’ve been looking for a tool that tracks digital platforms for a long time. The most important thing was that the tool is comprehensive, has extensive coverage, and meets their clients' needs.

“One of the major goals is to understand clients' needs and make sure you're getting them satisfactory results in the daily reports. Also, to create rapport with the clients so they understand they can reach out to us whenever they have a question.”

Solution & Impact

Linet noted that they didn’t know about Mediatoolkit before they started researching media monitoring tools. But, after her colleagues from three different departments tried the tool and were happy with it, they decided to purchase the subscription. What drew them to Mediatoolkit was the user-friendly aspect and the fact that they could invite unlimited users to the account.

Linet says that
the results they’re getting from Mediatoolkit are pretty impressive, and they were nicely surprised when they realized that they could extract mentions from Twitter and extract reports for more than five queries.

Aside from providing reporting to their clients with Mediatoolkit, Linet says that maybe in the future, they’ll start using the tool for their own marketing purposes.

On the question of whether she would recommend Mediatoolkit to others, Linet said:

“I would totally recommend whoever is buying Mediatoolkit to go ahead because they'll be pleased with what they see.”

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