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World Media Wire is a PR company founded five years ago. They’re based in London, but they operate globally through a network of PR and Communications professionals. They enable brands, international organisations and PR companies to reach their audiences worldwide through TV, Radio, Print, and Digital news coverage.

For this case study, we talked with Jose Bonito, the founder and the owner of World Media Wire, who shared his experience with Mediatoolkit.


Most of their clients have an international footprint, so they require a media monitoring tool covering the world in terms of languages. Also, about three years ago, they changed their business model slightly - they switched from a project-by-project basis approach to retainers which required them to have daily media monitoring in place.

That need was especially important for one of their potential clients. The potential client required daily media monitoring and already had a media monitoring tool in place, which was far too expensive. That’s why Jose decided to put Mediatoolkit as a part of the offer for the client.

Solution & Impact

Jose says that he used Mediatoolkit sporadically in the past for a month or two but never on a long-term basis. When he used the tool, he said he had an amazing experience with our Customer Support team.

“I thought they were fantastic, very responsive. All doubts and questions were rapidly solved.”

Jose points out that our Customer Support team was extremely helpful in setting up the keywords for the before-mentioned client. The setup they required was quite complex, and our support team helped them set up everything.

He was satisfied with the price proposition, as well. Those were the two main reasons that made him choose Mediatoolkit.

Also, Jose points out that Mediatoolkit does the job for them, for what they require. When asked what his advice would be for the people who are testing out Mediatoolkit, he said:

“I think they should definitely consider it… I think you guys are great. I do not doubt that when people start using your service, they’ll be impressed.”

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