Zadar Tourist Board

“If you want to make your workday easier and be up to date with everything that is happening with your company, you definitely need to use the tool!”

Martina Crnčević, Tourist Informator

Martina Crnčević
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Tourist Board


Zadar Tourist Board is a local tourist board for the city of Zadar, one of the most popular and visited destinations in Croatia. They have been using Mediatoolkit since 2019 to aid them in tracking mentions of Zadar and its most popular attractions and events both in the local and global market.


“Our goal is to always be present online and make the city of Zadar an even bigger brand”, Martina says. Previously, they tried tracking mentions of Zadar manually, which “took a lot of time” and led them to “missing out on a lot of mentions”.


“We use the tool on a daily basis to check what’s new. It is extremely useful and easy to use. It has improved our effectiveness and enabled us to seize promotion opportunities the moment they occur.”

Such an example happened when Netflix’s ‘Don’t look up’ came out.



Martina highlighted automation as the greatest benefit of using the tool, as they no longer have to “spend time and manually research articles mentioning Zadar”. In addition, with the tool, they are immediately able to view things they “wouldn’t even think of googling otherwise”. 

“Numerous times something happened, and we were the last to know. Now, we are timely informed of everything. We check Mediatoolkit every day and if something important occurs, we automatically get a Spike alert and are able to react immediately.”

Martina Crnčević, Tourist Informator

Martina Crnčević