The complete introduction to online media monitoring

Your go-to introduction guide to the world of online media monitoring. Learn what online media monitoring is, how exactly you can benefit from it, and how to set up your tracking for the best possible results.

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What will you learn?

In this ebook, you'll go through:
  • The journey from offline to online:
    How the internet changed how we consume news
    The rise of online media

  • Media monitoring: The modern-day version of press-clipping:
    Introduction to online media monitoring & social listening
    Online media monitoring tools & how they work
    Why are companies using media monitoring

  • Benefits of online media monitoring:
    Why do you need to track your company and brand?
    What else should you be monitoring online media for?
    Why tracking your competitors is essential for your business growth
    Benefits you get from tracking industry news

  • How to track your company and brands the right way

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