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The complete introduction to online media monitoring

And ways to use it to improve your business.

Learn all the benefits of online media monitoring and how to successfully track your company and brand.

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Media Analytics For Marketers

This ebook highlights the importance of media monitoring for marketers and helps you improve your marketing strategy with social listening.


PR Crisis Management: An example-filled guide

All you need to know about managing a crisis, including four ways you can predict a crisis, as well as good and bad examples of handling a PR crisis.


Pharmaceutical Marketing: A Guide

All about the importance of pharmaceutical marketing and its shift towards the multichannel marketing practice. Learn how to deal with the industry challenges and check out the best marketing strategies & examples!


A-Z of Entertainment Marketing

A new kind of guide through the marketing of the entertainment industry. With all the experience of reading a magazine and the informative nature of a dictionary, we bring you the hows and whys of the entertainment marketing from A to Z.