TikTok Influencer Marketing Strategy: From Scouting to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Your go-to introduction guide to the world of influencer marketing on TikTok. Understand how to include influencers in your marketing strategy, how to carry out the process to get the best possible results and receive our free reach-out email and creative brief templates for your next campaign.

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What will you learn?

In this guide, you'll go through:

  • TikTok as a platform
    TikTok algorithm and the secret to success
    Brands on TikTok and the flywheel

  • Influencer strategy planning
    Understanding your audience and definining your goals
    The definition of influencers by size, compensation basis and level of influence
    How to discover influencers

  • Influencer marketing process
    Reach out email
    Calculating the value of influencer content
    Negotiation tactics
    Forming and producing the content
    Execution, reporting and monitoring

  • Templates
    Reach out email example and template
    Creative brief example and template

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