Using media monitoring for competitor analysis

If you want your business to excel and come out on top, there is no ignoring the competition. Knowing what your competitors are up to helps you stay ahead of the game and ensure you're always improving your business strategy.

Media monitoring is just another way to help you do so - and this guide helps you discover how.

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What are you going to learn?

This guide covers it all - from the more general overview of competitor analysis to a more comprehensive insight into media monitoring and ways it's used in analyzing competitors.

You'll learn about:

  1. Competitor analysis 101

    1.1. What is competitor analysis?
    1.2. When should you do competitor analysis?
    1.3. What should be included in your competitor analysis?

  2. Social media monitoring & reasons you should use it for competitor research

    2.1. What is social media monitoring?
    2.2. Are social media monitoring and social listening the same thing?
    2.3. How can social media monitoring benefit your business?

  3. How to do competitor analysis with social media monitoring?

    3.1. Using media monitoring tools for competitor analysis

    3.2. How to start analyzing your competition with social media monitoring tools: 5 steps

  4. Social media monitoring best practices for competitor analysis

  5. Mediatoolkit: What can it do for you?

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