How to put your annual communications plan into practice

After the unmatched level of interest for our free webinar 'How to create an effective annual communications plan', we're excited to announce the follow-up in which we'll talk about moving from theory to practice.

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What will you learn?

Learn how to track, measure, and optimize your annual communications plan:

  • Set up your brand monitoring with Mediatoolkit.
  • Conduct market, industry, and competitor research.
  • Measure the performance of your media channels (as per the PESO model).
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience.
  • Report on the most important metrics and outputs of your plan.

Why is this important?

Once you’ve created your annual communications plan, it's essential to diligently check in with your plan month after month to see if you’re on the right track.

Having the ability to benchmark monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports will empower you to base your business decisions on relevant and accurate information. Such historical data enables you to go back to a certain event or post and link it to current events at any point in time and thus get a full picture of any matter that might affect your business.

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How to create an effective annual communications plan

Having an annual communication plan set in place will prepare your business to successfully manage any potential obstacle or crisis. It helps you identify messages you need to...

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