Creating an effective annual communications plan

Watch the webinar to learn how to successfully create an annual communications plan and get a fillable template to help you out.

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Why is this important?

An annual communication plan prepares your business to successfully manage any potential obstacle or crisis. It helps you identify messages you need to communicate, to whom you need to communicate them, and what channels to use while doing so. It also ensures that you work on your goals and follow through with your strategy.

Two main outcomes:

  1. Helping you plan and create a successful annual communications plan.
  2. An easy-to-follow and fill-out template that will help you make this process as easy and effective as possible.

What will you learn?

  • Identify the elements of a great annual communications plan.
  • Use a media monitoring tool to boost your communication effectiveness.
  • Fill out an annual communications plan template. Once you sign up below, you will receive the template via email.

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