TikTok Influencer Strategy: From Scouting to a Successful Marketing Campaign

If you’re thinking about whether to include TikTok in your marketing strategy, this webinar will resolve all your doubts and answer all your questions.

Plus, we prepared downloadable templates to help you get started!

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Mediatoolkit's Sunčica Čuljak, content specialist & TikTok influencer marketing aficionado, will be your guide through this webinar.

What will you learn?

Sunčica will share valuable insights on TikTok as a social media platform, and you’ll learn how to:
  • Set up your influencer strategy and what to take into account
  • Choose the right influencers for your brand
  • Reach out to influencers depending on their tiers
  • Carry out your strategy and measure the results.

You'll also have a chance to learn about various real-life examples and put what you learned into practice right away with the help of downloadable content & templates.

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