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The essentials of PR measurement: Interpreting Data and Measuring KPIs

Learn all about the most important metrics in PR and surefire ways to effectively leverage PR insights to your advantage!

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How to put your annual communications plan into practice

A follow-up to our previous webinar "How to create an effective annual communications plan". This time, we apply the theoretical knowledge into practice. Follow along as we use Mediatoolkit to set up queries, track and analyze metrics & more!

How to create an effective annual communications plan

An annual communications plan will prepare your business to successfully manage any potential obstacle or crisis. This webinar is filled with examples & comes with a template - check it out!

Don't get canceled: Managing your reputation in a post-truth world

Learn how to develop: a proactive reputation management program, a strategy for identifying existing reputation issues, responding to unhappy customers & more!

How to track and explain data spikes across marketing channels

We teamed up with Whatagraph to walk you through how to track your historical and intra-day traffic spikes across various marketing channels and dive deeper into explaining the source of the buzz.